Sports Fundrazr

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing has partnered with Fundrazr to provide unique fundraising opportunities for amateur athletes, sports groups and non-profit sports organizations and tremendous brand building opportunities for professional athletes, sports teams and sponsors.

Sports FundRazr provides fast and effective pain relief from fee collection and fundraising headaches. Whether you want to collect money for your campaign, a cause, group, team, club or organization, Sports FundRazr is the solution for you.

Sports FundRazr is the social way to manage money. Our easy to use Facebook application allows you to collect payments off anyone, run fundraising campaigns, sell tickets and manage members. Sports FundRazr is very secure. We use PayPal, trusted by millions, for all payments.

Sports Fundrazr Features

  • “Adopt-A-Campaign” Features
  • Targeted Social Promotion
  • Professional Athlete & Sports Team Endorsement
  • Unique Sponsorship Opportunities (Matched Donations)
  • Automated Custom Messaging (Thank Your Supporters)
  • Brand Exposure & Fan Building

Sports Fundrazr Benefits

  • Eliminate the frustration of coordinating traditional fundraising efforts and collecting money
  • Tap into the social networks of your supporters to raise awareness for your fundraising initiative
  • Target your campaigns to people that are passionate about your cause
  • Leverage the influence and reach of professional athletes, sports teams and sponsors
  • Show your supporters where their donations are going by providing social proof
  • Raise more money in less time with less effort

Sports Fundrazr Services

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing provides a number of services to ensure your success in executing a profitable fundraising initiative.

  • Sports Fundrazr Campaign Setup
  • Online Social Branding
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Social Media Training
  • Activation Services

Athlete Endorsement

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing has partnered with a number of professional athletes that can generate awareness and drive donations for your cause.  Our athletes participate in sports at the highest level and their influence can provide the added boost you require to take your social fundraising efforts to the next level!

Sponsorship Integration

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing works with your organization to secure the right sponsors for your Sports Fundrazr initiative. We work with our clients to understand: the specifics of your brand, who supports your cause, habits of those supporters, sponsors you have worked with in past campaigns and characteristics you are looking for in a sponsor.

  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Micro-Sponsorship

We secure new sponsors or work with your existing sponsors to integrate donation matching programs. These campaigns drive brand exposure, generate leads and position your sponsors as valuable contributors to your cause.

To Get Started With Sports Fundrazr contact:

Trevor Turnbull
Sports Marketing Consultant