Strategic Partners

Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes is a former two sport All-American and current record holding athlete that, in just short three years, went from sleeping on his sister’s couch to running a seven figure business. He has been featured on some of the top blogs and media outlets in the world including Mashable, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur Magazine and ESPN.

Lewis founded Sports Networker, the Sports Executives Association and the Sports Industry Linkedin Group, which helps connect thousands of sports executives around the world both online and through live events.

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Emjayoh Productions

Emjayoh Productions is a production company dedicated to creating and delivering valuable content through, books, audio, workshops, seminars, videos and websites. At this time, the world is in the midst of a massive upload of information –the deposition of human knowledge to the internet, to be easily and inexpensively accessed by anyone at any time.  Two of the current projects in production are as follows:

Passion Profits

Passion Profits is a training program that teaches how to turn your passions in to profitable business that doesn’t feel like work. Who doesn’t want to make money doing something they love to do? Now, of course, the concept of “making money online” can seem daunting to some, but the fact is we are in the middle of an information revolution where anyone that knows something about anything can make money online. Along with my business partner, Mike Olaski, we have co-produced a system that guarantees results and empowers our clients with the information they need to build passive revenue streams.

For more information visit Passion Profits and Zero To Milllion Dollar Website.


Mike Olaski, founder of Onewebsite brings 10 years of website development, software design, internet marketing and business development to innovative and holistic media strategy, development, and execution. Having develop properties with yearly audiences of over 3 million people and 65,000 subscribers, Mike and the Team at Onewebsite are uniquely qualified to develop web-centric properties by producing content, across a strategic platform of software and services, that intrinsically builds a following (audience), of engaged fans, who are eager to become customers, and even contribute to the emerging community.

Route 3 Marketing

Route Three Marketing, developing a route to success. Route 3 is a integrated marketing company that focuses on 3 pillars: Route, Revenue & Relationships. Route: we are committed to the research process to understand the company’s origin and its destination and route moving forward. Revenue: we care about the financial growth of our Clients. In doing so we analyze the companies business model to understand how revenue is generated and how profits are generated. Unlike many marketers, we focus on understanding the sales process. Relationship: we nurture and collaborate with our Clients to establish long-term relationships. Furthermore we’d also like to have specific partners and a network of offerings that share the same ethics and values.


If you’ve ever had to collect money as an organizer or volunteer you know how painful and time consuming that can be. Sports FundRazr provides fast and effective pain relief from fee collection and fundraising headaches. Sports FundRazr is the social way to raise money and is built in partnership with Paypal, which is the trusted by millions of people.

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing has partnered with Fundrazr to provide a unique fundraising opportunity for amateur athletes, sports groups and non-profit sports organizations and tremendous brand building opportunities for professional athletes, sports teams and sponsors.

Brady Dahmer Design

BDD is a strategic design agency based in Vancouver with an insatiable curiosity for new ideas and greater brand expressions. We have a strong, passionate conviction to push barriers, explore new ideas and deliver original strategic design, because after all great brands are passionate brands…

Our experience ranges from complete brand development to fresh thinking for established brands. Our work encompasses all creative media that can touch the consumer and reinforce your brand. We have the enthusiasm of a smaller agency with depth of knowledge you would expect from one much larger. We count among our clients some of Canada’s leading corporate and consumer brands, including Telus, Virgin Radio, Electronic Arts, City of Richmond and the Marc Anthony Group.
We also have built a corporate culture around giving back to our community, which is why we are involved with a number of non-profit and charitable organizations such as Variety the Children’s Charity, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival, Surfrider Foundation and the Projecting Change Film Festival among others.