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Sports Networker is one of the top sites for professionals in the sports industry as well as those interested in starting a career in sports. The site reaches our network of roughly 20,000 sports executives and professional athletes that continues to grow everyday. We cover topics including, Social Media and Sports, Sports Marketing, Sports Public Relations, Sports Sponsorships and Endorsements, Sports Agent topics, Ticket Sales and Venues, Professional Athlete Digital Branding and more.

Sports Executives Association

 The Sports Executives Association was created for sports professionals who take massive action, and like to see results. It doesn’t matter if you have 20+ years of experience or if you are just getting started. This is a place for those unique like-minded individuals to finally have a place to interact and share best practices.

These individuals are part of a new generation. They value the power of networking and adapting to new ideas instead of sticking with the “old ways” of thinking. They also recognize the importance of staying on top of new technologies and strategies to help their grow their sports career and provide value to the companies they work for.

Professional Athletes

 T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing has worked with a number of professional athletes in helping them build their online brand, aligning them with the right non-profit initiatives and monetizing their online and social media efforts.

We position our clients for online success and then work to align them with the right sponsors.  In the end, both the athlete and sponsor receive tremendous value.  And, ultimately, the fans end up benefiting the most because they are able to connect with their favorite player in a way never possible before

Travis Lulay –

Calgary Stampeders

2_stampedersPrior to the start of the 2009 CFL season, the Calgary Stampeders were looking for a new way to engage their fans. Trevor started by educating the Stampeders staff on social media and helping them setup their social accounts. Trevor then suggested that the Stampeders implement a website that would allow them to pull all team and fan generated content into one place and allow them to join the conversation in a place where they could then brand and monetize their efforts. The resulting was the award winning social media website, a site that leverages the popular social platforms that millions of people are already using (Facebook Twitter, YouTube, Flickr). Trevor then consulted with the Stampeders thoughout the 2009 season to help them implement a social media strategy that was tied to their other marketing efforts and online contests that encouraged fan generated content.

Check out the testimonial from Mike Petrie – Calgary Stampeders – Director Community & Media Relations
Social Media Training & Consulting

2009 Grey Cup Festival

GCFModern Spur3.62Sport Fan Connect was contracted by the 2009 Grey Cup Festival to implement a social media strategy, online contesting and on-location video production. Trevor and Mike Olaski worked with Sheldon Lachambre (2009 Grey Cup Festival – Director of Marketing) to help drive traffic to and, in turn, add value to sponsors and fans looking for engaging 2009 Grey Cup Festival content.

In addition to assisting with the management of their social accounts, Sport Fan Connect was also responsible for implementing an online social media contest created to encourage fans to share their “Favorite Grey Cup Memory”. Trevor and Mike worked with a number of great social media interns to collect video during the Festival and provided a platform to display the videos that were voted on by the fans.

Check out the testimonial from Sheldon Lachambre – 2009 Grey Cup Festival – Director of Marketing
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2010 World Junior Hockey Championships

3_juniors2010Trevor was contracted by Yastech Developments ( to assist in implementing a social media strategy to help drive traffic to (now is an events listing website focused on keeping fans in Saskatoon, Sk and Regina, Sk informed of events happening during the 2010 World Junior Hockey Championships. Trevor assisted with the management of their Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account and help implement a strategy to engage with fans and, in turn, drive traffic to the website.

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Social Media Training & Consulting

Iowa State Cyclone Hockey

4_cyclone_hockeyAs a former player with the Iowa State Cyclone hockey team, Trevor has a strong connection to his former team and wanted to assist them in promoting the team, generating new sources of revenue and educating the coaches, marketing interns and players on the value of engaging in social media.

Trevor assisted Cyclone hockey in setting up their social accounts and implementing a strategy to effectively manage all of their accounts using their existing resources. The experience has been valuable for both parties as the Cyclone hockey program has benefited from Trevor’s experience and, in turn, they have contributed to an ongoing case study profiled on Sport Fan Connect.

Check out the testimonial from Alan Murdoch – Iowa State Cyclone Hockey – Head Coach & General Manager
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Huskie Hockey – Off The Leash Luncheon

The University of Saskatchewan Huskie Men’s Hockey Program is celebrating its 100th Anniversary in 2010.  Over the past century the hockey Huskies have been among the most successful hockey organizations in the country.

Mindful of the ever-increasing scholarship and operating expense requirements needed to ice a successful university team, a group of devoted Huskie alumni and supporters joined together to form a committee to raise funds.   The 2009 Off The Leash Luncheon featured former Toronto Maple Leafs great Wendel Clark as guest speaker. In 2010, Former NHL superstar Brett Hull is the guest speaker.  Both events have been emceed by former NHL player Kelly Chase.

As a Huskie Hockey alumni, Trevor continues to contribute to the success of the Off The Leash Luncheon fundraising events by providing website design and development services as well as social media and online marketing consulting to help sell event tickets and sponsorship packages.

Check out the testimonial from Ryan Johnston – Off The Leash Luncheon – Committee Member
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2010 Night Of Champions – Hosted by Damon Allen

Party like an all-star and support amateur football at the 2nd Annual Night Of Champions dinner hosted by Grey Cup Champion Damon Allen. Share the stories and traditions of our game while interacting with CFL legends and current CFL ballers in the upscale posh surroundings.  All proceeds from this event are donated to the Alberta Amateur Football Association.

T3 CONNECT is proud to sponsor the 2nd Annual Night Of Champions dinner by providing website design, development and training services as well as social media consulting services to help create awareness, sell tickets and sponsorship packages.
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Kidsport Calgary – Iggy T-Shirt Fundraiser

T3 CONNECT Sports Marketing is proud to support KidSport Calgary in their mission to assist Calgary and area kids from low-income families with funds for sport registration fees and equipment. T3 CONNECT has worked with Kidsport Calgary by implementing an emerging media strategy focused on increasing the awareness of Kidsport Calgary in the Calgary Community, engaging with Kidsport sponsors, supporters and advocates and assisting in fundraising efforts including the “Hangin In The Dome – Chillin With Jarome” t-shirt fundraiser.

The tshirts can be purchased via PayPal on the popular Calgary Flames fan blog which is owned and operated by the WestJet’s Emerging Media AdvisorGreg Hounslow.

Check out the testimonial from Mark Kosak – Kidsport Calgary – Regional Manager
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